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Board Members

Peter Hyams, President
Peter Hyams is a pharmacist, working for a company that serves hospitals in many states throughout the country. He joined the board 12 years ago while his daughter was a student at School Lane Charter School. Peter began his service on the board with a vision of influencing curricular improvements and to this day, continues to work toward keeping School Lane on the path of academic excellence. It is his hope that School Lane will be able to serve the students on the school's enrollment waiting list and to provide educational opportunities to children in other communities.

Joseph Cummons, Vice President
Joseph Cummons is the Director of Operations & Strategy for a financial services company. Joe joined the board in 2006 because he believes charter schools play an essential role in providing public school choice. He would like to see School Lane expand beyond its current location to other school districts in the region and grow into its approved K-12 program to provide students with a complete School Lane education.

Todd Fox, Member
Todd Fox has worked for the Department of Homeland Security since 2002. He currently holds a management position in the TSA. Prior to that, he worked for 12 years in Law Enforcement. He is proud to have two children attending School Lane. Mr. Fox joined the Board of Trustees in 2014 because he was impressed with the direction and vision of School Lane and remains a strong advocate of school choice./p>

Christopher Schoell, Member
Christopher Schoell is a doctor of occupational therapy and a center manager for NovaCare in Burlington, N.J. He has two daughters. Christopher enjoys being involved and helping out with the school, and feels that School Lane has the potential to be one of the best institutions in the region. In his role as a board member, Christopher plans to do whatever he can to help the school achieve its maximum potential.

Surya Vedula, Member
A technology management consultant for a Fortune 100 company and an active member of the Bensalem community, Surya Vedula is also the proud father of four children. Surya's service continues a family history of participation in the education system, for which he has great passion.

Nicole Nelson

Nicole Nelson, Member
Nicole Nelson is employed by SPIN, Inc. as a Licensed Behavioral Specialist through the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine and works with individuals with Intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has three children, one of whom is currently enrolled at School Lane. Nicole joined the Board because she strongly believes in School Lane’s mission and wants to be as involved as possible.

Ed Guster

Ed Guster, Member
Ed Guster is employed by the United States Government as an Inspector for the Environmental Protection Agency. Both his daughter and son are enrolled at the school and he believes that they are receiving the best education in the area. Guster has served as a board member for other organizations in the past and has extensive government relations experience.