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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

-John Quincy Adams

Karen Schade, Principal and CEO
Karen Schade began her career at School Lane Charter School in 2002 as the Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology. In 2003, Mrs. Schade was promoted to the position of Principal and CEO. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, where she also earned her Masters of Science in Educational Leadership and her Principal Certification.

Prior to joining School Lane, Mrs. Schade worked in both private and traditional public schools. Her passion for education and support for tuition-free public school choice led her to seek a career as a charter school administrator. From the onset, Mrs. Schade was sold on School Lane's philosophy that every child is gifted and that when students realize their giftedness and use it to the fullest potential, nothing can stop them from becoming high achievers.

A proud mom of two adult children, Mrs. Schade enjoys reading in her spare time. Prior to launching her career in education, she owned a floral business and arranging flowers is now a hobby she continues to enjoy.

Mattias van 't Hoenderdaal, High School Principal
Mattias van 't Hoenderdaal has been serving as School Lane's High School Principal since its inception. Prior to joining School Lane's administration, Mr. van 't Hoenderdaal was the IB coordinator at Northeast High School in Philadelphia and taught high school mathematics. Prior to serving high school students, he was Assistant Director of Admissions at Cairn University in Langhorne, PA.

Mr. van 't Hoenderdaal holds master's degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Holy Family University in School Leadership and Secondary Education. He earned his bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministries from Cairn University and, upon graduating, discovered that he is meant to be a leader and educator. He is a strong supporter of IB and firmly believes in its holistic approach to education.

Mr. van 't Hoenderdaal is a former collegiate soccer player and he enjoys spending time at home with his wife and two children.

Mirosya Bauer, Business Manager

Mirosya Bauer provided accounting and financial services to businesses and charter schools in the Philadelphia area before joining School Lane Charter School as the business manager in 2011.

After graduating from Drexel University, Ms. Bauer worked for a firm that provided accounting, auditing and tax services for a variety of businesses and organizations. In that position she realized her passion for helping non-profit organizations reach their goals.

Ms. Bauer was attracted to School Lane's mission and vision. She also enjoys working with people who are shaping the minds of the future.

Outside of work, Ms. Bauer's hobbies include traveling and exploring new places and things.

Lee Ann Gordon, Vice Principal, Learning Support

An educator with experience in non-profits, Lee Ann Gordon initially joined School Lane Charter School as a special education teacher and coordinator for the school. She now serves as the vice principal for learning support.

Ms. Gordon supervises the special education, Title I and ESL programs at School Lane, working with teachers to identify students who may be struggling academically, behaviorally or socially. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Penn State University, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership, and holds Pennsylvania special education and principal certifications.

Prior to joining School Lane, Ms. Gordon worked at the Devereaux Foundation, a non-profit that supports individuals with special needs. She also raised her three children while working as a part-time teacher, volunteering, and serving as a Home and School Association leader.

Ms. Gordon was attracted to School Lane's ongoing to commitment to inclusion, student-centered instruction, staff dedication, and the overall educational environment offered to students.

Outside of school, Ms. Gordon enjoys reading, playing board games, and staying active by walking and swimming.

Kelly Ousey, Vice Principal, 5th - 8th Grade

Kelly Ousey came to School Lane in 2006 but has been working as an educator since 1988 in both public and private middle and high school settings. Prior to joining the administrative team, Ms. Ousey taught Math and Science to 6th-8th grade students for several years.

Ms. Ousey holds degrees in Biology, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Theology. She also holds Pennsylvania certifications in Biology, Elementary Education, Middle School Math and Middle School Science, and earned her Principal's Certification from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Ousey was inspired to join the School Lane community in part because she was attracted to School Lane's mission of empowering students to discover their own giftedness and to take responsibility for their own learning. She finds SLCS students to be down-to-earth, friendly, inquisitive, kind, and open to new experiences.

Outside of school, Ms. Ousey enjoys kayaking, hiking, sports, and being actively involved in the lives of her family and friends, especially her nine nieces and nephews.

Carol Walsh, IB & Curriculum Coordinator

Carol Walsh first began her career in education as a world language teacher, teaching both middle school and high school AP French and Spanish. She earned her Master's degree from Emory University with a concentration in 18th century French literature and her Administrative 6th Year Certificate from Sacred Heart University with a specialty in curriculum and evaluation. She spent most of her professional life as an educator in New England where she has had a variety of administrative experiences including: team leader, department chairperson, magnet middle school principal, IB high school principal, member of the Board of Directors for the New England League of Middle Schools, and educational lecturer and consultant. Ms. Walsh has relocated to the area to be near her family, especially her two grandchildren.

Immediately, when she read about the mission and vision of School Lane, she knew that SLCS would be a perfect match for her. She too believes that every child is gifted and that when students realize their giftedness and use it to the fullest potential, nothing can stop them from becoming high achievers. As IB & Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Walsh is thrilled to be working directly with the staff to improve teaching and learning. She looks forward to working in partnership with staff to create meaningful professional learning communities and guiding the development of a rigorous IB curriculum. She is truly delighted to be part of the SLCS staff!

When she is not at school, Ms. Walsh enjoys traveling (especially to visit her best friend in France), cooking for friends and family, spin classes at the gym, and playing golf.

Andrew Ruhf, Director of Operations

Andrew Ruhf worked for School Lane Charter School in its early stages as a physical education and health teacher and Director of Student Affairs. Then in August 2013 he returned to serve as Director of Operations.

Mr. Ruhf gained experience at a variety of charter and traditional public schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey throughout his career, including Mastery Charter Schools. He holds a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Pennsylvania principal and teaching certifications.

The vision and mission of School Lane attracted Mr.Ruhf to the school. The hard-working staff and the students' passion for learning keep him coming back every day. Mr. Ruhf also looks forward to the opportunity to bring School Lane's vision into other communities in the area.

Outside of school, Mr. Ruhf enjoys spending time with his children and competing in various slow-pitch softball leagues and tournaments

Lee Wlodarczyk, Human Resources Manager

After working as a human resources manager for over a decade, Lee Wlodarczyk brought her extensive knowledge to School Lane Charter School when she joined as the human resources manager.

Prior to joining School Lane, Ms. Wlodarczyk spent 11 years in the human resources department of a large human services agency in the Philadelphia area. She earned a master's degree in Human Resource Development from Villanova University and holds a Professional in Human Resources certification through the Human Resources Certification Institute.

Ms. Wlodarczyk was attracted to School Lane when she found that many of the board members were parents of school students and had a vested interest in the school. Ms. Wlodarczyk believes that all members of the school community live by the mission and vision of the school's founders.

Outside of school, Ms. Wlodarczyk is on the board of Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue, an organization that helps Siberian Huskies and mixes that have been abused, neglected or abandoned.

David Robinson, Vice Principal, 4th and 6th grade

David Robinson serves as the Vice Principal for students in grades 4 through 6 and supervises Arts teachers of grades Kindergarten through fifth. Mr. Robinson has spent his life working in education, and holds a master's degree in School Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor's degree in English from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland.

Currently a resident of Philadelphia, Mr. Robinson loves to travel, having previously lived and worked in Costa Rica and Taiwan. He was drawn to School Lane's IB program and the holistic approach it takes in educating students. He is a strong believer in the importance of staff involvement and communication, and plans to implement those practices at School Lane.

Mr. Robinson loves to play and watch sports, and spend time with his family.

Michelle Stride, Vice Principal of Learning Support for grades K-4

Michelle Stride is the Vice Principal of Learning Support for grades K-4. She joined the School Lane staff in 2000, and has held a variety of positions in both teaching and administrative capacities.

Mrs. Stride earned her Masters of Education for Holy Family University, and her Pennsylvania Special Education Supervisor Certificate from Penn State University. She also holds certifications in elementary and special education. She received a Behavioral Intervention in Autism Graduate Certificate with Board Certified Behavior Analysis preparation from University of Massachusetts. Mrs. Stride holds a Pennsylvania Behavior Specialist License. She is a strong believer in School Lane's vision, and is thrilled that her daughters are members of the esteemed School Lane community.

Jim Munizza, Vice Principal, grades K-4

Jim Munizza serves as the Vice Principal for students in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. Prior to joining the School Lane, he worked in both private and charter schools in Philadelphia first as a teacher, then as a school administrator. Mr. Munizza holds a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management from La Salle University, a master's degree in Education and certification in Special Education from Gwynedd Mercy University, and a master's degree in Education Leadership with a Principal K-12 certification from California University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Munizza was drawn to School Lane because the mission and vision create an environment that is staunchly student-centered; providing for the physical, psychological, social, and ethical needs of students, in addition to inspiring students to be lifelong learners.

Outside of school, Mr. Munizza enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.