• Students develop a deep love of learning that is ingrained in the culture of our school. Younger students are given time to focus on academics, but also to be children with added time for recess and socialization.

  •  SLCS uses the Responsive Classroom model, which focuses on the strong link between academic success and social-emotional learning (SEL). Responsive Classroom is not a curriculum but an approach to teaching and classroom culture that empowers students in a safe and nurturing learning environment. Every action is a way to build community within the classroom and also the entire school building.

  • Classrooms meet every morning to settle in and take part in team building and culture exercises that reflect the core values of the elementary level. Teachers set high expectations and a positive tone for learning each day, encouraging students to establish routines that promote independence and making meaningful choices. Classrooms focus on learning about and living out our core values each day.

  • The Elementary Core Values are similar to some of the traits of the IB Learner profile, preparing students to successfully transition to MYP.

Responsible – Each of us plays a role in the community and needs to do what is expected of oneself, whether others are watching or not.  When we make mistakes, we take responsibility for those as well.  We are also responsible for those around us and if we see another community member struggling, we are expected to help them.

Caring – We know that the community members around us are who help us most to grow and learn, and therefore we show compassion, respect, and empathy towards them.  We know that when we commit ourselves to helping others, we are making a positive impact on the world.

Communicators – We learn a great deal from those around us and thus must communicate with everyone effectively.  We express our own thoughts and ideas passionately in many different ways to help us learn and grow.  We collaborate effectively, listening carefully to the perspectives of other individuals and groups, so that we might learn and grow from each other.

Risk-Takers – We take risks in order to learn and grow. We are unafraid to explore new and innovative ideas.  We are willing to do what is uncomfortable to us so that we grow.  We stand up for what we believe and defend the rights of others, even when this might be difficult.

Resilient – We know that learning is often not easy and we enjoy the challenge of it.  When we make mistakes, we do our best to learn from them and then try again.  We are determined to be our best self and obstacles are part of what helps us get there. Partnering with families is as important as knowing the children we teach. Our staff takes time to get to know parents and guardians and value their contribution to the school.