The SLCS disciplinary program is based around the idea that students are intrinsically motivated to make the right decisions because they want to. As a part of this motivator, SLCS does not offer rewards or individual recognition programs and does not believe in traditional punishments for students who commit infractions.

In lieu of traditional disciplinary punishments, SLCS first takes steps to work with students to make them understand that negative actions have consequences. Poor action or a lapse in judgement may not result immediately in disciplinary action, but give the student a chance to understand that their action was incorrect and explain how to make better choices for the good of others in the classroom and the school. There is not discipline or punishment for the sake of punishment at our school. Students and teachers develop a common goal together and give students the opportunity to fix their mistakes and positively impact the classroom. 

SLCS students follow a daily uniform dress code that promotes safety and equality among all students.

Policies outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook and Code of Conduct​​​​​​​ helps introduce families to the unique culture at our school. An anti-bullying policy also ensures the safety and security of all children.