Why choose School Lane for Grades K-6?

Elementary school is a time when all children experience incredible growth academically, socially, and emotionally. We support and guide their growth in a safe and nurturing environment filled with joy. 

Key aspects of our elementary program are:

Inquiry-based instruction: Our elementary teachers spark children’s natural curiosity and guide them through a process of asking questions and actively discovering answers. All subjects are interconnected and our rigorous curriculum is aligned to state standards. 

Small Class Sizes: The average classroom has 25 students and every elementary classroom includes a co-teacher who provides extra support during part of every day. Small class sizes and added teachers ensure each child receives the attention he or she needs to succeed.

Differentiation: Teachers create multiple learning pathways to meet the individual needs of each child. Learning support teachers push into classrooms instead of pulling students out, and work directly with students who need additional assistance during lessons. 

Extended Learning Opportunities: Our school day and school year are longer than the local school district’s. This leads to deeper mastery of academics along with greater exposure to enrichment activities.


School Lane is a public school open to all Pennsylvania students. Kindergarten admission is by lottery. Open seats in Grades 1-6 are filled in order of application date and time. Online applications for elementary school admission are accepted through the school website starting at 10am on the last Saturday in January. Siblings of current students are given first priority and Bensalem residents receive second priority for the incoming Kindergarten class and for any openings in Grades 1-6.