Why Choose School Lane for Grades 7-12?

Ours is the only public school in Bucks County that offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs for Grades 7-12, free of charge. More than 4,000 schools educating one million students worldwide use the acclaimed IB curriculum, including 31 schools in Pennsylvania and 28 in New Jersey.

IB is a rigorous curriculum aligned to state standards. The program challenges students to pursue academic and personal growth to reach their full potential.

Key aspects of the IB program are:

Active Learning: IB empowers students to become agents of their own learning by instilling skills in critical and creative thinking, research and communication, along with social and self-management skills. 

International Mindedness: IB has an international curriculum framework written and updated by educators around that world. It encourages respect for different cultures and points of view. Students learn at least one foreign language. 

Real-Life Connections: IB uses real-life contexts and examples to help students see connections among the subjects they are studying, their own experiences, real-life issues and the world around them.

Independence and Teamwork: IB balances an emphasis on individual inquiry with an emphasis on collaborative problem solving by students and teachers. 

In Grades 7-10, all students participate in the IB Middle Years Program. In Grades 11-12, students can either enroll in the IB Diploma Program or take individual IB courses. 

The six required courses in the Diploma Program are similar in rigor to Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students who do well on the exam will receive credit at most colleges and universities. Admissions officers are excited about IB students because they are independent, responsible learners who are personally invested in their education.

IB students also can sit for any AP exam. Taking an AP course is not a prerequisite for any of the exams.

We encourage you to call 215-245-6055 to schedule a visit to the IB Campus. Prospective students may shadow a current student for a day. 

​​​​​​​School Lane is a public school open to all Pennsylvania students. To apply for admission, please fill out our online application.