Background Checks - Pennsylvania and Federal Clearances

Background Checks

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires the following three (3) background checks for all staff employed at Charter Schools in the state.

  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

  • Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Check (through the PA State Police)

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Background

These background checks may be no older than one year as of your date of hire. Information you need to apply for these checks follows. Please read carefully.

As per Act 153 of 2014, the background check requirements for new and current school employees, contractors, and volunteers requires employees to obtain new clearances every 60 months.  

Act 151:  Pennsylvania Child Abuse History

  • Click here to access the Child Welfare website.

  • If you already requested an background check through this website, click on "Individual Login"  If not, click on "Create Individual Account"

    • If you are creating a new individual account, you must create a "Keystone ID" and follow the step-by-step directions for receiving a temporary password by e-mail, and then creating a new password.  Be sure to write down your Keystone ID as you will need this to log back into your account to create a new password,

    • Keep a record of your Keystone ID and password so you can log back into your account to view your results.

  • When results are available, you will receive an e-mail.  Log back into your account and view the official results. 

  • Print the result and forward a copy to Bonnie Cerrito at the IB campus or via e-mail to

 Act 34:  Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Report

  • Click here to access the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History website.

  • Click "Submit a New Record Check"

  • Follow the step-by-step directions on the site.

  • Results will be available within a few minutes.

    • Keep a record of the following in case you need to access the report again in the future: 

      • Control Number

      • First, Middle, and Last Name used in the request

      • Request Date

  • When results are ready, click the Control Number, which will bring up a registration receipt.  

  • Click the "Certification Form" link to open the official State Police Clearance

  • Print the result and forward a copy to Bonnie Cerrito at the IB campus or via e-mail to

NOTE:  At times, the system may return a status of "Request Under Review" or "Pending."  If this happens, you will need to try to access the certification form at a later date by clicking on the "Check the status of a Record Check" link.  Be sure to write down the information noted above so you can obtain the report.  

Act 114:  FBI Federal Criminal History Report

  • Go to the IdentoGo website to register.  

    • The Service Code for Charter Schools is 1KG6Q9

  • Schedule your fingerprinting appointment

  • Report to the designated fingerprinting site to have your fingerprints electronically submitted

  • You will receive the unofficial results within a week or two.  Print a copy of the unofficial results and forward it to Bonnie Cerrito at the IB campus or via e-mail to