Admissions FAQ

Q. When can I place my child on the waiting list?

A. School Lane Charter School starts accepting applications the November before a child would start Kindergarten. Check the website for the date and time of the opening of the online application.

Q. What is the age requirement for Kindergarten?

A. A child must turn 5 by September 1st of the year they will start Kindergarten.

Q. What is the age requirement for first grade?

A. A child must turn 6 by September 1st of the year they will start first grade.

Q. How do I register my child for School Lane Charter School?

A. School Lane opens in person applications first..  We open our online application in January.  You may come to either SLCS campus during the school day from 9:00 am to 2:00pm for in person applications.

Q. What is the admission policy?

A. We accept currently enrolled siblings from Bensalem first, then currently enrolled siblings from other districts, residents from Bensalem next, then other district residents. To be considered a SLCS sibling the current SLCS student must be in attendance at SLCS for one school year.  For Kindergarten there is a lottery and the children are placed on the waiting list in the order they were drawn in the lottery. There is one list for Bensalem residents and one for other district residents. For all other grades, students are placed on the waiting list in the order the completed applications are submitted based on district of residence. 

Q. When will I be notified if my child is accepted?

A. Kindergarten acceptance calls are usually made mid-January into the beginning February. Ninth grade students will be notified in January and through the summer.  Other grades will be notified as spots become available, usually starting in the summer up until the end of the second trimester.

Q. What is the tuition at School Lane Charter School?

A. There is no tuition at School Lane Charter School. We are a public Charter school and the school district of residence pays for your child to attend.

Q. What are the school hours?

A. School starts promptly at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM. Before and after school care is available at the Elementary Campus for a fee.  Before care starts at 6:45 AM and aftercare ends at 6:00 PM. 

Q. Will my child be bussed to School Lane Charter School?

A. School Lane Charter School does not provide bussing for our students. Your school district of residence provides bussing. Please check with your district of residence for their bussing policy.

Q. What do I need to bring to complete my child’s application to be placed on the waiting list?

A. You will need to bring proof of child’s age for example: the child's State issued birth certificate or passport, immunization record, and proof of residency. All parents need to bring 4 proofs of residency:  

·         One (1) must be a current utility bill (electric, gas, water or cable television statement)

·         One (1) must be proof of home ownership or lease agreement (agreement of sale/lease, mortgage statement, property deed, statement of homeowner’s insurance)

·         Two (2) additional proofs of residency may be: another utility bill, pay stub, driver's license, vehicle registration card or car insurance.

All proofs of residency must include your current address.

 Q:  What if I live with someone who owns the home where you reside and I don’t have a lease?

 A:  If you live with someone other than your spouse and your name is not on a rental agreement or lease, you are considered a multiple occupancy resident.  You will need additional paperwork that must be notarized and additional proofs of residency from the owner.  Please contact the Admission office at or call 215-245-6055 ext. 620 for the paperwork.