Elementary Campus FAQ

What makes School Lane different than public elementary schools?

School Lane emphasizes an inquiry-based approach to instruction where students do deeper learning through projects, student-led exploration of topics, and real world application.  Students are often seen working in groups, making choices about what they are learning or how they are learning it, and constantly reflecting on their progress. In addition, we always look at the content we teach from an international perspective. Students learn in depth about many different countries, languages, and cultural celebrations. We emphasize the importance of being an active and engaged citizen both locally and globally.

School Lane also offers an excellent student to staff ratio of 12.5 to 1, which allows us to make sure that every child’s individual strengths can shine through.  Every class has a co-teacher in it for part of the day, we offer 6 different specials classes, we have an academic enrichment class for grades 3-6, a math acceleration class for grades 4-6, and an instrumental program for grades 4-6 with concert bands as well.  Every grade has a WIN period (stands for What I Need) where teachers and students target specific skills to be taught to enrich and/or support student learning.

How do you prepare students for High School and beyond?

School Lane Elementary begins by building a strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics while teaching students the soft skills of collaboration, public speaking, and researching.  As students reach our upper elementary grades, they must apply their learning across subject areas in order to solve real world problems. Additionally, our math program moves faster than the state standards used by public schools. This highly rigorous academic approach is aligned to our International Baccalaureate program for grades 7-12, which requires students to do college level work by the time they reach 11th grade.

What do you offer besides academics for students?

School Lane offers a variety of opportunities for students to actively participate in our community beyond the classroom.  Clubs are offered in grades 3-6 all year at no charge and range in choices from kickball to drama club to yearbook to computer programming and beyond.  We also offer seasonal sports in our upper grades where we compete against other schools such as basketball, soccer, and cross country.  Students who are passionate about music can learn how to play an instrument in our intensive instrumental program beginning in 4th grade.  Our 5th and 6th graders also are able to take active roles in the school community through committees such as the Safety Committee, the Morning Announcement Committee, Classroom helpers, and more! In addition to all school run activities, we have a highly engaged Home & School Association that has School Spirit Nights, Skate nights, Bingo Nights, Dine-outs, School Dances and more for all ages!