Ninth grade perform Romeo and Juliet

Paul Harold and Jessica Money, both experienced Shakespearean actors worked with School Lane ninth grade students these last two weeks bringing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to life.  Paul and Jessica led the classes in all kinds of acting and voice exercises to give students the skills to perform on the stage.  Over two weeks, students rehearsed scenes with each other culminating with a whole grade celebration of their work in the Cafe Friday afternoon, February 17.   Every student performed!  It was wonderful to see the whole grade cheer for each other, celebrating hard work and risk taking.  The idea behind this experience is that Shakespeare's plays were written to be performed!  Romeo and Juliet is full of modern world issues like identity, family honor, belonging to a group and fighting with other groups.  The scenes are full of strong, proud characters clashing with each other and, of course, falling in love.