10th Grade Personal Project

As an IB World School, students at School Lane Charter are expected to complete the Middle Years Program requirements. The Personal Project is a student-centered practical exploration through a cycle of inquiry, action and reflection, which allows students to consolidate their learning about an area of specific interest.  Sophomores are expected to spend 25 hours on the experience, working under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

This spring, Sarup Tumpati ’25, will present his project which centered on the creation and marketing of an original computer operating system. According to Sarup, “In planning my personal project, I sought to create, develop and market a computer operating system. I built an Ubantu distribution, or version, called AdelieOS, based on the stability and wide spread acceptance of Linux based systems.” Sarup developed and closely followed a set of success criteria, and the result is a stable platform with a solid theoretical marketing strategy.

Asked to assess his project, Sarup concludes, “Overall, I feel that my product has been successful, with a few drawbacks that could be addressed to create a better final product. My project has been a great learning experience and has exposed me to new skills, methods, perspectives, and communities.”