Celebrating Graduation

Being a full IB Diploma Program (DP) students is no easy task.  You must complete the course work for 6 rigorous DP courses.   Complete an internal exam for each course.  Complete the Theory of Knowledge course and write a paper in response to an IB prompt.  Complete Creativity, Action & Service community projects, both individually and as a group.  Write an extended essay,  which is like a college thesis, on a topic of your choice.  Earn a total score of 24 points or more on the 6 IB end of course external exams.  All to earn an IB DP diploma!  The two process takes great dedication to their studies and fantastic time management & organizational skills to accomplish this feat.  Four students from the Class of 2021 complished this task.  

Congratulations to Pooja Singamneni, Ellena Thomas, Pearl Diabene and Maya McKelvey for earning the presigious IB Diploma.  Pooja will be entering The College of New Jersey's 7 year medical program.  Maya McKelvey will also be attending TCNJ for nursing.  Eleena Thomas is  studying Health Sciences at Jefferson University.  And Peal Diabene received the Liberty Scholarship (full tuition, room and board) from Drexel University and will be studying Biological Sciences.  All the hard work of these girls truly paid off!