Toy Drive

Here is a story written by an 11th grade student Mohamed Kamara about our recent Toy Drive at the SLCS Elementary Campus. 

Giving is one of the main points of Christmas. We at School Lane Charter School IB Campus chose to show the magic of Christmas by giving our elementary school kids a chance to gain what they desire. Some seniors and juniors came together and decided to volunteer to help our school support our elementary school children by organizing a Toy Drive. At this Toy Drive, we had to ask kids secretly about what they would want for Christmas by sending parents a form to determine each child's wish list. After that, each family was assigned a random pair of letters, which was used by the students to label and keep track of different gift bags. When a parent came up, they were to give their name, and then the corresponding bag was handed to them. During this time, School Lane Charter students started asking other students if they wanted to help with this amazing project. 

 I interviewed a few students about why they participated in the project. Faith Eldow responded by saying, "I wanted to help underprivileged kids get a chance to enjoy something they would have never been able to afford. I know that many children do not have the benefit of getting the latest toy to play with, and I wanted to make a little person happy beyond their wildest dreams." Deanna Awad said, "I did the Toy Drive because it was an opportunity to help others in need and to put a smile on people's faces. I also wanted to see how we could organize the toys and create a system to succeed in our mission which is to help families in need." 

 As you can see, we at School Lane Charter School IB Campus care about putting a smile on everyone's face. So we have a challenge for you this new year: do something kind that creates a big smile on someone's face. 

Written by: Mohamed Kamara