Friday, September 17th

On Friday, September 17th, SLCS Elementary will do their annual celebration of Constitution Day.  On this day, our students closely examine the SLCS pledge that we read every day aloud during morning announcements. It reads:

"I am responsible for the choices I make. Everything I do and say effects others. We work together to be the best we can be."

Each class will think about what this pledge means, and why we say it every day.  In addition, each class will recommend one additional sentence to say at the end of the pledge for this year, based on what they think is important to remember each day.  Each class will send a delegate to meet with the principal and they will work as a team to decide what the sentence is that we will be adding to the pledge for the year. Finally, George Washington will make a guest appearance at the end of the day to announce the sentence for the pledge for the year!