Our celebrations from 11/8-11/12

The week of November 8th was a big one at SLCS Elementary! On Monday, we honored the holiday of Diwali. We had parent volunteers come in to decorate the cafeteria.  Students listend to celebratory music for Diwali and created Rangoli designs outside their doors. Those who celebrate Diwali were able to share their family's traditions while those that do not celebrate were able to ask questions and learn more about Diwali.  Then on Thursday, we had family members of SLCS students who are veterans come in to speak with our students to honor Veteran's Day.  It was a powerful experience for our students to meet those that have dedicated their lives to serving our country and to learn more about their journeys. Finally, on Friday our 6th grade Kindness Committee organized a celebration of World Kindness Day. They greeted students as they came in the building and put Kindness Pledge posters up throughout the building for all students to sign and commit to showing kindness to each other.  We love to see all these meaningful celebrations happening at SLCS!!!!