Over the next week, your child will be taking part in grade-level Town Hall Meetings to review the Safe2Say Something(S2SS) program.

As part of the training, students and staff learn how to recognize warning signs and signals, especially with social media, from students who may be a threat to themselves or others and to “say something.” S2SS provides students and families an immediate way of asking for help, especially when students are not at School Lane to receive help from teachers, administrators, and counselors.

S2SS is a centralized location for students, staff, and community members to report behavior perceived to be threatening to themselves or others. At School Lane, we want to build a culture of “looking out for one another” by saying something. S2SS expands our support team of teachers, administrators, and counselors, all the trusted adults at School Lane:

7th and 8th Grade
Ms. Weiswasser (School Counselor)
Ms. Saladik (Vice Principal)

9th and 10th Grade
Ms. Chiba (School Counselor)
Ms. Ousey (Vice Principal)

11th and 12th Grade
Ms. Kane (School Counselor)
Ms. Hewitt (Vice Principal)

For additional information, please review the Safe2Say Something Family Letter and reach out to our Administrative team.


Ian Doreian
Principal, IB Campus