January is "School Board Appreciation Month". We would like to thank the members of our Board of Trustees for volunteering their time, effort, and energies to advance the mission and vision of School Lane Charter School. We appreciate your continued guidance and support!
5 months ago, Jim Munizza
The International Baccalaureate opens doors to a wide range of colleges for our students. Some prestigious colleges accept students with a good score for the IB Diploma Program as sophomores. The Diploma Program can be worth one full year of college credit.
5 months ago, Colette Weber
Colleges Accepting IB Diploma Candidates
Congratulations to middle school varsity basketball players on their first home game of the season.
5 months ago, Jen Saladik
Basketball pic1
Basketball Pic 2
Basketball Pictures
Congratulations on our IB Campus Band and Chorus students on an outstanding Winter Concert! Under the direction of Ms. Morishita and Mr. Devine, these students performed beautifully in front of a capacity crowd. Please click this link to see more photos and videos from the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CXpMSXqMUrjahfMz7
5 months ago, Jim Munizza
This past weekend, our 6th grade academic enrichment students participated in a statewide contest for Future Cities, where students are challenged to create economically sustainable cities for 100 years from now. This was our first time doing it and our student group received two awards. The first award was for Outstanding First Year Team and the second award was for the Reinventing Tomorrow Award. A huge kudos to Mrs. Milich and the students for their hard work to prepare for this big competition!
5 months ago, David Robinson
Congrats to our 6th Grade Future Cities Competitors!
The 6th grade students attended an informational session hosted by two IB campus seniors as part of their Creativity, Activity, Service project. They shared details about the International Baccalaureate program, MYP vs DP, the grading scale, and the many benefits of attending an IB school. Sofia and Khushi did a great job presenting and answering questions to help students learn more about what they have to look forward to in the future!
5 months ago, Sarah Bojda
IB assembly 1
IB assembly 2
IB assembly 3
IB assembly 4
The IB Middle Years Program requires all students to complete interdisciplinary assignments. The ninth grade are tracking their own physical, mental and emotional well being for a month having committed to doing something creative or physical everyday. They will couple this knowledge from Health/PE with their Language and Literature learning on persuasive writing and speaking to present in an Exhibition. Some of our student leaders are seen here helping to set up this assignment.
5 months ago, Colette Weber
Ninth Grade Interdisciplinary Learning
Ninth Grade Interdisciplinary Unit
Our online application for the 2024-2025 admissions wait list for Grades K-12 is now available! Apply today to ensure your child is at the top of the list. Visit www.schoollane.org and click "Admissions" to apply.
5 months ago, Jim Munizza
Online App
6th, 7th, 8th Grade Parent Meeting
5 months ago, Colette Weber
Parent Meeting
Choose School Lane Charter School for Excellence in Design Technology! 2024-25 High School waitlist applications are available now. Apply today in-person at our IB Campus!
5 months ago, Jim Munizza
Choose School Lane Charter School for Excellence in the Visual Arts! 2024-25 High School waitlist applications are available now. Apply today in-person at our IB Campus!
6 months ago, Jim Munizza
The 5th grade students did a great job at their Exhibition this morning! They showcased artifacts they created and shared research about the Westward Expansion in the United States. They told stories of the pioneers, the challenges of the frontier, and the profound impact this time period in history had on our nation's growth. You can see more photos from the event here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xmYcmybGeUVgLfMn6
6 months ago, Sarah Bojda
Exh 1
Exh 2
Exh 3
Exh 4
Exh 5
Exh 6
Exh 7
CALLING ALL SLCS ALUMNI! Our IB Campus College & Career Day is scheduled for Friday, March 15th. We would love to feature colleges and workplaces of SLCS Alumni for our current students. Please update your Alumni Profile to let us know where you're studying or working!
6 months ago, Jim Munizza
This afternoon the 6th grade students had the opportunity to hear a powerful message from Aaliyah Booker, a guest speaker from the Children's Craniofacial Association. The students learned about her personal experience living with Goldenhar syndrome, overcoming adversity, and growing through challenges. Her message is about how being different is beautiful and how important it is to treat one another kindly. We were also lucky enough to hear from her brother who was here to support her and shared a song he wrote inspired by her story.
6 months ago, Sarah Bojda
Choose School Lane Charter School for Excellence in the Performing Arts! 2024-25 High School waitlist applications are available now. Apply today in-person at our IB Campus!
6 months ago, Jim Munizza
The 2024-2025 Kindergarten Admission Lottery will be held on Thursday January 4th at 6:00 PM via Zoom. You can access the meeting using this link: https://bit.ly/SLCSBoard
6 months ago, Jim Munizza
On behalf of our Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff we wish you a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing all of our students again on Tuesday, January 2nd!
6 months ago, Jim Munizza
New Year
Wishing you a safe and relaxing break surrounded by friends and family!
6 months ago, Jim Munizza
winter break
The SLCS Student Council bake sale for grades 4-6 raised $1,322 to donate to the Make a Wish Foundation! The students voted on the organization, advertised for the event, and provided the baked goods to sell. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped this be such a great success!
6 months ago, Sarah Bojda
bake sale 1
bake sale 2
bake sale 3
Celebrating the Holidays through Door Decorating In Advisory. IB Campus talent and hard work on display!
6 months ago, Colette Weber
Door Decorating
Door Decorating
Door Decorating