We will be arriving back at SLCS in 15 minutes!
about 5 hours ago, Sarah Bojda
In culmination of their studies in spelling and foundational English skills, SLCS sixth graders recently participated in several rounds of the Sixth Grade Spelling Bee. Yesterday afternoon the finalists from each homeroom were supported by their classmates as they were challenged with Scripps National Spelling Bee’s “Words of the Champions” in the last round of the Spelling Bee. Congratulations to all of our participants who showed off their spelling prowess!
7 days ago, Sarah Bojda
spelling bee 1
spelling bee 2
spelling bee 3
spelling bee 4
spelling bee 5
spelling bee 6
spelling bee 7
spelling bee 8
The SLCS beginner band showcased their talent and hard work tonight at the spring concert. Great work everyone!
8 days ago, Mandy Milich
Band Concert
Band Concert
Band Concert
Congratulations to the SLCS elementary drama club for an outstanding performance of Alice in Wonderland tonight! The cast, stage crew, and supervisors all did a fantastic job. Thank you for a great show!
12 days ago, Sarah Bojda
drama 1
drama 2
drama 3
drama 4
drama 5
drama 6
drama 7
drama 8
drama 9
drama 10
Good morning, we are looking forward to our second grade field trip today. Reminder that if you are volunteering, please park in the carline loop and sign in with Dr. Ridgley by the doors. Thank you!
20 days ago, Christy Ridgley
To celebrate National Poetry Month the 6th grade students wrote some fun and creative poems during Advisory. We hosted a poetry café yesterday afternoon where they were able to present some of the poems to their peers, teachers, and family members who were able to attend. The student did a great job stepping up to the mic! You can see more photos from the event here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mVQFoT3enAoSW1xp8
21 days ago, Sarah Bojda
Poetry 1
Poetry 2
Poetry 3
Poetry 4
Please see the link below for our end of the year ABC count down that will start Thursday, May 9th! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zi76KWXBJR4arlyMmC2SKCx_ICmIs1dB/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=103598112479887946677&rtpof=true&sd=true
24 days ago, Mandy Milich
The 4th grade students did a phenomenal job recruiting for their trade at the Colonial Job Fair Exhibition! The students presented facts about the trade, the qualifications you would need to be successful, required skills, and the various responsibilities of the job. Some students even dressed the part! The audience then had an opportunity to fill out an application for their job choice. You can see more photos and fill out an application if you didn't get a chance to at the event using the QR code. https://photos.app.goo.gl/tx8KrZCYDBmgPrMd7
about 1 month ago, Sarah Bojda
Colonial 1
Colonial 2
Colonial 3
Colonial 4
Colonial 5
The 6th graders had an assembly this afternoon with Ms. Weber, the IB Campus Principal, and Ms. Rubel, the I&S teacher. The students learned more about International Baccalaureate and how exciting it is to be part of a global educational program. They also discussed how asking great questions leads to great learning.
about 2 months ago, Sarah Bojda
The 4th grade visited Pennsbury Manor on Friday. They are currently learning about Colonial America and during this field trip they were able to see historical reenactments and hear stories about what life was like during this time period. It was cold, but they still had a great time! You can see more pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7WQCChvHhUPj1Vu57
about 2 months ago, Sarah Bojda
PM 1
PM 2
PM 3
PM 4
6th grade students had the opportunity to ask local officials from Bensalem and Senator Farry’s office about efforts to increase sustainability in our community. They learned how our township is exploring geothermal energy, ways to reduce pollutants from reaching streams and waterways, and efforts to make our area a nice place to live through the many community outreach programs. Students will use this knowledge when completing a group project about a sustainable city and have to make decisions on energy sources, green spaces, waste management, and more.
2 months ago, Sarah Bojda
I&S 1
I&S 2
I&S 3
I&S 4
I&S 5
I&S 6
Check out these musically talented students who performed at the spring recital tonight. Great job everyone!
2 months ago, Mandy Milich
group photo
student performance
student performance
student performance
student performance
student performance
student performance
student performance
The 5th grade visited the Camden Aquarium yesterday. They were able to see all of the aquatic animal exhibits, walk the shark bridge, feel stingrays and starfish, and a lot more! The students also participated in an interactive activity where they learned how long certain items take to decompose and all about the importance of conservation, which is an ongoing topic throughout the year. You can see more photos from the field trip here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wHXsYtQxXH3qeXN59
2 months ago, Sarah Bojda
Field Trip 1
Field Trip 2
Field Trip 3
Field Trip 4
The 5th grade students learned all about the Philadelphia Police and Crime Scene department from a 5th grade parent this morning. They heard about her role as a crime scene investigator, job responsibilities, and career choice as part of a Career Readiness lesson. Each student was able to participate in a fun activity where they saw how fingerprinting can be collected as evidence.
2 months ago, Sarah Bojda
Assembly 1
Assembly 2
Assembly 3
Assembly 4
Assembly 5
Assembly 6
Assembly 7
Assembly 8
Assembly 9
The 6th grade students did a fantastic job at their Greek Mythology Wax Museum Exhibition last night! Guests walked around and visited different exhibits and could press a button to hear the "wax figure" share a bio poem and interesting facts and details. Guests could use the information they learned to complete a scavenger hunt challenge. You can see more photos from the event here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WKa2sYPXXUpdYWft7
3 months ago, Sarah Bojda
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3
Exhibit 4
The 6th grade enrichment team spent the morning touring Jacob's Engineering facilities. Check out what they saw!
3 months ago, Mandy Milich
Meeting Room
Work Station
Team with our tour guide
textile workroom
Check out what our recent graduates have to say about their SLCS experience after a semester away at college! Applications for the 2024-25 school year are now available at www.schoollane.org. Register today!
3 months ago, Jim Munizza
Trimester 3 sign-ups begin today and are due by Wednesday, March 6 at 4:00 p.m. Club Descriptions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K5jZDb1IjUgx3mAHcuwTSiIyWVFlrzyoViYAlxyh7zA/edit?usp=sharing Club Sign-Up Form: https://forms.gle/HrRqDc6Bn9j4bGvN6
3 months ago, Christy Ridgley
Afterschool Clubs
Check out what our recent graduates have to say about their SLCS experience after a semester away at college! Applications for the 2024-25 school year are now available at www.schoollane.org. Register today!
3 months ago, Jim Munizza
The 6th grade students did a wonderful job showcasing and explaining the artifacts they created from the Ancient Civilization they have been researching. Parents/guardians and students from K-5 visited their Ancient Civilization Museum Exhibit during I&S classes last Friday. See more photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DjbzxoGTTiQXHrXn6
3 months ago, Sarah Bojda
I&S 1
I&S 2
I&S 3