Wednesday @IB Campus is WIN day! So much student fun with Phase-10 and Heads-Up, thanks Ms. Gruber and Ms. O'Donnell!
about 6 hours ago, Ian Doreian
8th graders are graphically representing key concepts and historical topics of the Mongol Empire. Transfering art skills into Individiuals and Societies with Mr. Klimowicz and Ms. Trick
7 days ago, Ian Doreian
Mr. Liss and Señora Robertson show the values of IB Learners. ·Mr. Liss is very KNOWLEDGEABLE about math, he could explain anything to you in various ways and using many different strategies to ensure you understand it. ·Señora Robertson really tries to understand where we're coming from as students, CARING how difficult it can be to grasp a new language.
7 days ago, Ian Doreian
shout out
"IB For All" means co-teaching in Math Class- watch as Ms. Dalessandro and Ms. Hughes act out what "or" means for graphing a compound inequality!
8 days ago, Ian Doreian
It's cold outside, School Lane! As you make your way to school with gloves, jackets, masks, and hats, we are thankful for our warm and welcoming SLCS community. Here's a thanks to Ms. Branka and Ms. Morsby and the Mural Arts club with their lion snow globe and winter landscape to brighten this frigid morning.
9 days ago, Ian Doreian
mural arts
Gardening 101= students learning seed propagation! Growing as learners, literally.
9 days ago, Ian Doreian
garden 101
Making sure that science students are creative (and safe) learners! Using table shields to display molecule maps in Mr. Pope's MYP Science class.
10 days ago, Ian Doreian
amazing beauty from tempera and toilet paper, Ms. Henderson and her students' sculpture projects brighten the 3350 Lobby.
13 days ago, Ian Doreian
IB Family Forum (1/6) 6:30-7pm Get to know our wonderful families, and come share ideas for how to support SLCS. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 537 414 3619
14 days ago, Ian Doreian
New year, fresh paint! Get a sneak peak of the bathrooms in 3350, bright color and luxurious tile-work.
17 days ago, Ian Doreian
Welcome, 2022! All the best to you and yours; we truly are thankful for our SLCS community on this New Year's Day.
19 days ago, Ian Doreian
Sip-a-Cocoa at the IB Campus, a special December tradition as students and teachers enjoy a warm beverage before Winter Break.
28 days ago, Ian Doreian
sip a cocoa
special treats designed and delivered by Ms. Henderson's APP students. Looking forward to "snowman soup" on a cold afternoon over break!
29 days ago, Ian Doreian
snowman soup
Mr. Litton leading students to Take A Stand when we see someone being mean or harrassing others. "Stay calm, look in the eye, use confident phrases, ask students/teachers to get involved, walk away." Thanks, Mr. Litton and Action Karate, for the encouragement!
29 days ago, Ian Doreian
Help our local animal shelters provide care this winter. Our 7th graders are collecting supplies for Rescue Purrfect and Philly Paws as part of an "IB Service as Action" project. Items like Purina Cat Chow, dog treats, and cleaning products are most needed (donation bin is located at at the IB Campus, 3350 lobby area)
29 days ago, Ian Doreian
Cookie alert! The 5th Annual IB Cookie Buffet is a sweet take-over of our teacher lounge. Savor the flavor
about 1 month ago, Ian Doreian
welcoming "Long Steve" and friends to anatomy and physiology class as students construted these amazing life-sized skeletons.
about 1 month ago, Ian Doreian
Being an IB student means transcribing DNA nitrogenous bases to mRNA. Using fruit loops!
about 1 month ago, Ian Doreian
Global minded, building community through 3D printing. Thanks, SLCS students and Mr. Kustrup, for this reminder and model of the Burj Khalifa
about 1 month ago, Ian Doreian
Burj Khalifa
HS music students welcomed JT Curtis for a "History of Rock and Roll," and stories of what it was like to play George Harrison on Broadway
about 1 month ago, Ian Doreian
jt curtis