Background Checks - Act 168 (Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure)

Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release
(under Act 168 of 2014)

Legislation was passed in 2014 requiring schools/school districts to conduct additional background checks on employees upon hire. The Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release must be completed by your current employer as well as any place of employment where you had direct contact with children.

  • All new hires must complete one PA Sexual Misconduct-Abuse Disclosure Release form for their current employer (if applicable) and one form for every place of employment where the individual had direct contact with children. Please follow these instructions when completing the form:

    • Enter your current or former employer’s information

    • In Section I, enter your personal information and check "yes" or "no" for each question

    • Sign and date on page 3

    • Provide the completed forms to  We will send to your former employers.

Employment is provisional until all forms from previous employers are returned to the HR department.  You may not work alone with students until all forms are received.

NOTE: If you are not currently employed or have never worked in an environment where you had direct contact with children, complete Section 1 of the form, check the box at the top of page 2 “No applicable employment” and return the form to the human resources department.