Background Checks - Act 168 (Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure)

Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release
(under Act 168 of 2014)

Act 168 of 2014 amended the Public School Code of 1949, to provide direction regarding employment history reviews for all new employees who will have direct contact with children.  As of December 22, 2014, all school entities and/or independent contractors of a school entity must conduct an employment history review for any prospective employee prior to hiring, if the employee will be hired for a position where he/she will have direct contact with children. 

All new hires must complete a Pennsylvania Sexual Misconduct-Abuse Disclosure Release form for their current employer, if applicable, and one form for each place of employment where the individual had direct contact with children.  A separate form must be filled out for each current and former employer. 

These forms will be completed electronically.  Upon acceptance of an offer, the individual will receive an e-mail from with instructions on how to complete the forms. 

Employment is provisional until all forms from previous employers are returned to the HR Department.  You may not work alone with students until all forms are received.